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Acknowledgements and a Note to Readers

Hello, my name is Talea Anderson and I am the Scholarly Communication Librarian at Washington State University. I as the author of this book owe a great deal of gratitude to the many people who kindly supported this work. While I identify as having a disability—low vision—I do not use screen readers or assistive technology apart from zoom magnification. As such, I benefitted greatly from the expertise of the individuals who spoke with me and provided information for the case studies documented here.


Thank you to the Scholarly Communication Notebook for supporting this project. Thank you also to everybody who read drafts, discussed ideas, contributed case studies, met via video-conferencing, and suggested resources. Special thanks to the following:


Sean Aery

Sarah Arnold

Apurva Ashok

Cheryl E. Ball

Karen Bjork

Robert Browder

Allison Brown

Jill Claassen

Stacey Ewing

Giovanni Fusco

Josie Gray

Christopher Guder

Chad Haefele

Daniel Hauptvogel

Christina Hendricks

Andrew Johnson

Rebekah Kati

Leon Kinsley

Debbie Krahmer

Raizel Liebler

Nerissa Lindsey

Colleen Lyon

Mariya Maistrovskaya

Gary Maixner

Chloe McLaren

Laura Miller

Jess Mitchell

Adina Mulliken

Andi Ogier

Jonathan Petters

Reggie Raju

Lauren Ray

Joel Richard

Teresa Schultz

Helen Selsdon

Julie Shedd

Jinny Sisson

Deseree Stukes

Shari Hill Sweet

Nathan Tallman

Anita Walz

Devon Waugh

Laura Waugh

Andrew Weaver

Amy Wolfe

Rachel Woodbrook

Alainna Wrigley


Creative Commons License
Acknowledgements and a Note to Readers by Talea Anderson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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