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Reflection Questions and Activities

If you manage an OER program or institutional repository, how might you address accessibility through a policy or statement? Draft a possible policy/statement.


Does your university or library have an existing accessibility policy? If so, what pieces of these policies might inform your own? Highlight sections that you would like to emulate, quote, or paraphrase.


Make some key decisions about your accessibility policy: Who will be the primary contact for handling accessibility concerns? What information would you like to convey to people using the resources you publish? What information would you like to convey to your authors? Will you require certain accessibility measures? If so, which ones?


Think about the faculty members and student whose work you help publish or archive. How can you reach these groups with your accessibility policy or instructional materials? Are there conference organizers, professional organizations, departments, or colleges that you could collaborate with to improve the accessibility of materials that you publish?


Look through the accessibility policies/statements/educational materials presented in this chapter. Which ones are helpful for your own work?


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