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Reflection Questions and Exercises

Navigate to this chapter on linear inequalities in OpenStax’ Intermediate Algebra 2e textbook. Run through the following accessibility checks and note your observations for each:


  • Can you zoom in and out on math equations?
  • Can you review equations at high contrast without problems? (Install the High Contrast extension to check)
  • Can you navigate through this page using only your keyboard?
  • Can you view this page on a mobile device without problems? (Try out a mobile device simulator like Responsinator)
  • Can you meaningfully access the equations using a screen reader? (Try using NVDA, Apple Voiceover, Orca, ChromeVox, etc.)


Check out Geospatial Tech and Universal Design. This article points to a number of case studies that show how geospatial technology and universal design can impact accessibility for everybody. Take a look at a couple of these case studies and think of them related to the “We Count” data challenges. How do these projects take into account disabled experiences in data collection, sharing, and access?


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