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Chapter 12: Global Pricing

12.0 Global Pricing Summary

12.1 Basics of Pricing

12.2 Introduction to Global Pricing

12.3 Global Pricing Approaches

12.4 Currency Fluctuations and Global Pricing

12.5 Tariffs and Global Pricing

12.6 Quotas and Dumping


Sections 12.1 Basics of Pricing, 12.2 Introduction to Global Pricing, 12.3 Global Pricing Approaches are adapted from the chapter ‘9. Pricing the product’ from the textbook ‘Introducing Marketing, First Edition, 2011’ authored by John Burnett – this book was published under The Global Text Project, funded by the Jacobs Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.
The following changes were made to the most recent edition: Divided ‘Chapter 9. Pricing the product’’ into three sections; Removed United Techtronics Case; Added learning objectives.


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