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3.1 Factors Shaping the Global Marketing Environment

Learning Objectives

After reading this section, students should be able to …

  1. appreciate the role of external environmental factors that shape the global marketing environment

While the same basic domestic marketing principles apply to global marketing, there are additional layers of complexity for marketers to consider when working across markets in different countries and world regions. Much of this complexity centers the need to develop a keen understanding of the consumer and the target market—a task essential for effective marketing, whether global or domestic. But in the global environment, there are additional questions to ask and issues to consider in order to fully appreciate the consumer and the marketing opportunities in a target market.

Additional complexity resides in the business environment created by government, regulatory bodies, and other societal institutions that shape the behaviors of individuals and institutions. This business environment is somewhat unique to every country and target market. Understanding these dynamics can help marketers work more effectively to achieve their organizations’ business objectives.



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