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‘Core Principles of International Marketing’ is my second Open Education Resources (OER) textbook effort, which follows my other OER textbook title ‘Core Principles of Marketing’, published in 2017. I have edited this book using own content, and content from a variety of OER sources, and under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike license. This textbook can be used for an introductory level International Marketing course, and I encourage instructors teaching an undergraduate International Marketing course to adopt this textbook and provide me feedback on the content. Although the term ‘International Marketing’ has used throughout the book, the content will pretty much be as applicable if they are read in the context of a ‘Global Marketing’ course.  Therefore, the textbook can also be used for an introductory level course in ‘Global Marketing’, and I encourage instructors of the undergraduate ‘Global Marketing’ course to adopt this textbook.

Although it is generally assumed that students will have already taken an introductory course in ‘International Business’ before enrolling into the introductory ‘International Marketing’ course, most undergraduate textbooks on International Marketing dedicate considerable space on discussing the basics of the International Business Environments. Therefore I have maintained the same focus while editing this textbook. I have also relaxed the generally held assumption that students will have prior exposure to the introductory principles of Marketing; therefore, this textbook also dedicates considerable space to introducing basic marketing concepts such as its definition,  segmentation, positioning, pricing, etc., before applying them in an international context.

I thank the instructors and students who are using this textbook for their course. Please feel free to contact me with your comments and feedback on improving this textbook. If I make changes to this textbook based on your comments, they will be duly acknowledged for your contribution in making this better. Best wishes for a great semester!


Introduction Copyright © 2019 by BABU JOHN MARIADOSS. All Rights Reserved.

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