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9.9 Exercises

Individual Exercise

Time Management Quiz

Please answer true or false for each of the statements according to how you currently manage your time.

  1. True or false: I sort my mail when it comes in, open it, place it in a folder, and deal with it when I am ready to.
  2. True or false: I do what my boss asks me to do immediately.
  3. True or false: I don’t take breaks because they waste time.
  4. True or false: I answer the phone when it rings regardless of what I am doing.
  5. True or false: I check my e-mails as soon as they arrive.
  6. True or false: I create a “to do” list at the start of every day.
  7. True or false: I do my “heavy thinking” at the end of the day when things have calmed down.
  8. True or false: I don’t like to take vacations because making up the work is always too stressful.
  9. True or false: Multitasking helps me be more effective at work.
  10. True or false: I don’t have to organize my office, since I always know where things are.


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