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1.8 Exercises

Individual Exercise

Ideas for Developing Yourself as an Authentic Leader

Authentic leaders have high levels of self-awareness, and their behavior is driven by their core personal values. This leadership approach recognizes the importance of self-reflection and understanding one’s life history. Answer the following questions while you are alone to gain a better understanding of your own core values and authentic leadership style.

  • Understand Your History

    • Review your life history. What are the major events in your life? How did these events make you the person you are right now?
    • Think about your role models. Who were your role models as you were growing up? What did you learn from your role models?
  • Take Stock of Who You Are Now

    • Describe your personality. How does your personality affect your life?
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses. What are they and how can you continue to improve yourself?
  • Reflect on Your Successes and Challenges

    • Keep a journal. Research shows that journaling is an effective tool for self-reflection. Write down challenges you face and solutions you used to check your progress.
  • Make Integrity a Priority

    • Understand your core values. What are your core values? Name three of your most important values.
    • Do an ethics check. Are you being consistent with your core values? If not, how can you get back on track?
  • Understand the Power of Words

    • Words shape reality. Keep in mind that the words you use to describe people and situations matter. For example, how might the daily reality be different if you refer to those you manage as associates or team members rather than employees or subordinates?

In view of your answers to the questions above, what kind of a leader would you be if you truly acted out your values? How would people working with you respond to such a leadership style?


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