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4.6 Exercises

Individual Exercise

Reading and Responding to Employee Blogs

You found out that one employee from your company has created a blog about the company. Other current and ex-employees are also posting on this blog, and the picture they are painting is less than flattering. They are talking about their gripes, such as long work hours and below-market pay, and how the company’s products are not great compared to those of competitors. Worse, they are talking about the people in the company by name. There are a couple of postings mentioning you by name and calling you unfair and unreasonable.

  1. What action would you take when you learn the presence of this blog? Would you take action to stop this blogger? How?
  2. Would you do anything to learn the identity of the blogger? If you found out, what action would you take to have the employee disciplined?
  3. What would you change within the company to deal with this situation?
  4. Would you post on this blog? If so, under what name, and what comments would you post?


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