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Chapter 10: Channel concepts – distributing the product

10.1 Role of distribution channels

10.2 Channel institutions

10.3 Organizing the channel



Section 10.1 Role of Distribution Channels, Section 10.2 Channel institutions, and Section 10.3 Organizing the channel are edited versions of the chapter ‘10. Channel concepts: distributing the product’ from the textbook ‘Introducing Marketing, First Edition, 2011’ authored by John Burnett – this book was published under The Global Text Project, funded by the Jacobs Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.

The following changes were made to the most recent edition: Divided ‘Chapter 10. Channel concepts: distributing the product’’ into three sections; Removed Created new title for Figure featuring Anderson ad.; Removed box titled ‘In Practice’ from wsj.com; Removed case application at the end of chapter; Added learning objectives for sections 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3.


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