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Chapter 1: What is Marketing?

1.1 Defining Marketing

1.2 Who Does Marketing?

1.3 Why Study Marketing?






Section 1.1 Defining Marketing, Section 1.2 Who Does Marketing? and Section 1.3 Why Study Marketing? are edited versions of the chapter sections of the same titles appearing in ‘Chapter 1: What is Marketing?’ of the textbook ‘Principles of Marketing,’ authored by University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing edition, 2015 – this book was adapted from a work originally produced in 2010 by a publisher who has requested that it not receive attribution.

The following changes were made to the most recent edition: Created new title for Figure 1.1: Marketing activities; Created new title for Figure 1.2: Creating Offerings That Have Value – BMW versus CRV; Created new title for Figure 1.3: Creating Offerings That Have Value – Social media sites; Added learning objectives for sections 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.




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