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Chapter 2: Contemporary Models of Abnormal Psychology

Chapter Overview

In Chapter 2, we will discuss three models of abnormal behavior to include the biological, psychological, and sociocultural models. Each is unique in its own right and no one model can account for all aspects of abnormality. Hence, a multi-dimensional and not a uni-dimensional model will be advocated for.

Chapter Outline

  • 2.1. Uni- vs. Multi-Dimensional Models of Abnormality
  • 2.2. The Biological Model
  • 2.3. Psychological Perspectives
  • 2.4. The Sociocultural Model

Chapter Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate uni- and multi-dimensional models of abnormality.
  • Describe how the biological model explains mental illness.
  • Describe how psychological perspectives explain mental illness.
  • Describe how the sociocultural model explains mental illness.


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