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Where do I come from?
I come from an unknown place,
a place where nobody wishes to be.
I come from a place where everybody
has nightmares, where mercy does not exist.
Where suffering is well-known.
I come from a place where obstacles are
always present, and hardness is never, ever
absent. I come from hell disguised as
happiness, a place where many are unhappy.
I come from a place of defeat.
A place where everyone has fallen and
just a few have triumphantly returned.
A place where I don’t want to return,
because it’s terrible. I swear.

De dónde vengo?
Vengo de un lugar desconocido.
Un lugar donde nadie desearia haber nacido.
Un lugar donde todos tienen pesadillas, donde no existe piedad, donde sólo existen penas.
Un lugar donde las trabas son demasiadas.
Un lugar donde todos son infelices; vengo de la derrota.
Un lugar donde todos han caído y pocos han salido.
Un lugar a donde no quiero regresar por que es terrible en verdad.

Student A. Tomás Flores. Used with permission.

Stop and Think
How can reading and reflecting on Tomas’s poem help his teacher plan her instruction to be more effective? Think about this question as you read the chapters in Part Two.


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