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How to Make your Classroom Fun

How many times do you find more than 50% of your students . . . asleep during your class? How many students say: “That class is really boring”? Don’t you wish it could be different? Well, here are some ways to make your classroom fun.

  • The first step you have to take is to give more freedom to your students, at the beginning it could be a little bit hard, but with some time it will be easier. Trust them and trust what they say, if you trust them, they will trust you.
  • Second, have stuff done at school, give all of your work at class, try to fit everything on your schedule, to get done as quickly as you can, and do not send work to be done at home. No one likes to go home after school and still have stuff to do.
  • Third, show videos and movies; the majority of students learn better and [more easily] when they see and hear than when they hear the voice of the same person only. There are a lot of educational videos and movies that . . . will help you.
  • Last, but not least, have some time in class to talk about other stuff, such as things that happen during the day, news, music, movies. Your students will enjoy doing that and everyone else, including you, will learn something new every day.
  • If you follow all of [these] steps, you are going to see the change, for good, of your students.


How do these arguments from an ELL fit with what you’ve read in this and other books and learned in other ways about teaching? What does that say about tapping students as co-facilitators of classroom instruction?


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