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Record of Changes

Edition As of Date Changes Made
1.0 August 2017 Initial writing; feedback pending
2.0 January 2018 Added references to Module 3.1; Expanded the description of pros and cons and self-efficacy in Module 3.3.; added revised exercises in Modules 7-9; Added additional clarification to counting behaviors in Module 4 and made this a new section; Moved all Self-modification documents to an appendix; Created baseline ABC charts for each day; Created treatment ABC charts with journals for each day; Developed the index, glossary, and final remarks end matter; Many changes in all modules, necessitating a new edition number…………..
3.0 January 2020 Proofreading of text; combined Module 10 with 6; added Treatment Phase Summary Table; revamped most of the planning sheets for the project; updated goals, criterion, and behavioral count layout; Extent of changes necessitated a new edition number


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