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A previous version of this text was published as “CALL Essentials: Principles and practice in CALL classrooms” by Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. 700 South Washington Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA
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Figure 4.2. College of Education, Washington State University. Used by permission. Figure 5.1. Mark Twain photo by www.PDImages.com.
Figure 5.2. “Janet” used with permission of Right Seat Software, Inc., publisher of Vox Proxy. Figure 6.1. The NASA SCIence Files~A, NASA Langley Research Center. Produced by the Office of Education’s Distance Learning Center.
Figure 8.1. Copyright © 2004 by FableVision. Used with permission.
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Thanks to Lee Ehman at Indiana University for permission to use his Mystery Character activity.
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