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Many people worked on both versions of this book. This OER version is due to the support of the indefatigable Talea Anderson and Washington State University’s Affordable Learning grant funding. Updates are based not only on new knowledge in the field but on requests and comments from students in our and other educators’ classes. Theron Desrosier has been our guide to the technologies and processes that support open resources, and Tariq Akmal, Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning at WSU, supports us in all we do.

In its original form this book had the support and insight of Gina Petrie and Yu-Feng (Diana) Yang and the administrative talents of Lioudmila Trouteva, Ching-Yi (Judy) Tseng, and Jennie Booker. We are indebted to them for their patience, time, and effort. Marilyn Kupetz, the managing editor of TESOL, planted the seed for this book a long time ago and was supportive throughout the process (including providing chocolate at crucial moments). To the students who had to bear the first drafts, and colleagues like ChinChi Chao who provided comments, we thank you. Thanks also to the publishers and Webmasters who gave permission to use screenshots of their work. We would most like to thank the teachers who not only spoke up but also contributed their voices to both versions of this book: Adrian Advincula, Erika Barrom, Tobi Beehler, Jennie Booker, April Dalrymple, Henry Drinkwine, Andrea Furniss, Susan Garrison, Michael Hannigan, Jimmie Harter, Gabriela Navarro-Rangel, Colleen Nohl, Tricia Robinson, Jean Sheckler, Martin Sorom, Stephanie Teel, Patty Trovato, Maria Venero, Richelle Vining, Jane Watson, and Sally Wells.




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Acknowledgments by Joy Egbert and Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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