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Record of Changes

Edition As of Date Changes Made
1.0 Fall 2017 Initial writing; feedback pending
1.01 Spring 2018 Addition of Modules 2, 3, and 15
1.02 Summer 2018 Addition of Index, Glossary, and Preface; made minor edits based on student feedback.
1.03 Summer 2019 Proofreading edits
2.00 August 2020 Proofreading edits and overall improvements such as end of section summaries and review questions. Added a Tokens of Appreciation page. Added lecture slides courtesy of Arizona State University.
2.05 November 2021 Section 1.1.1. changed the following: “Psychology worked with the disease model for over 60 years, from about the late 1800s into the middle part of the 20th century.” It previously indicated 19th century when it should have said 20th which was the mid-1900s. Thank you to Dr. Irving Herman of Columbia University for pointing this out.


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