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DSM-5-TR Statement

DSM-5-TR Conversion COMPLETE as of 8-1-2022


We are pleased to announce that the final module was updated to DSM-5-TR. Be advised that the sections in each module on Clinical Presentation, Epidemiology, and Comorbidity were updated for DSM-5-TR and new statistics provided when applicable.

The sections on Etiology and Treatment were not updated unless there was an issue identified to us by a user of this book. They did receive another proofread. These sections will be updated in version 3.5 and by summer 2023.

Instructor resources will be updated during the fall 2022 as time permits. The priority will be on the lectures and test banks, followed by OpenClass and other resources.

Note that with this edition the name of the book changed to Fundamentals of Psychological Disorders and from Abnormal Behavior. We believe this better represents the scope of the textbook.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the book. A PDF of the book is provided at the top of the title page once you select Read.

Lee Daffin for Alexis Bridley


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