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Instructor Resources Instructions – READ FIRST

Note Concerning DSM-5-TR

As of 8-1-22 this book has been updated to DSM-5-TR which was released in March 2022. The update includes the Clinical Presentation, Epidemiology, and Comorbidity sections of each module. The Etiology and Treatment sections will be updated by summer 2023.


Gaining Access to the Instructors Resources

If you are the instructor of an abnormal psychology class and would like access to the Instructor Resources for this textbook, please email Lee Daffin (2nd author) at ldaffin@wsu.edu to request access. I will work to vet your credentials, and if confirmed, I will email you the password for the page.


Current Resources

  • To date, we have Power Point lectures posted courtesy of the hard work of Madeleine Stewart and Matt Meier, PsyD., of the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. These need to be updated to 3rd edition.
  • We have Epub and Mobi versions of the book, though cannot upload them due to restrictions Pressbooks has. Thank you to April Babb Crisp, M.S., of the Department of Cultural and Behavioral Sciences Online at Georgia State University for creating these and sending them to us. We can email them to interested instructors. See the Instructor Resources page for details.
  • Ms. Crisp has also developed and shared with us, and the larger learning community using this book, Flashcard files she developed for each module. Thank you again, April.
  • We have developed and posted testbanks for ALL modules in the textbook as of 10-17-2022. These are updated to 3rd edition.
  • As of fall 2021, I (Lee Daffin) have partnered with OpenClass which will give all OER in this series (and future OER) an online learning tool to help your students better prepare for their exams. The questions used in the reviews and quizzes come from the same testbanks where you will likely draw your questions. So this is truly time well spent for your students. All reviews and quizzes have been updated to 3rd edition as of 10-17-22.


Thank you.

Lee Daffin, on behalf of Alexis Bridley


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