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Instructor Resources Instructions – READ FIRST

Gaining Access to the Instructors Resources

If you are the instructor of a principles of learning and behavior class and would like access to the Instructor Resources for this textbook, please email Lee Daffin at ldaffin@wsu.edu to request access. I will work to vet your credentials, and if confirmed, I will email you the password for the page.


Current Resources

  • The protected page for Instructor Resources does have links to other OER developed under the Discovering Psychology series of textbooks produced by Washington State University. This includes as of June 2021 eight total books, including this one, with more on the way.
  • As of June 2021, there are no Instructor Resources for this book but I will add testbanks, PowerPoint lectures, and an Instructors Manual with time. Check back to see what has been added as this page will be updated.
  • The 2nd edition of the book was just completed in June 2021.


Thank you.

Lee Daffin


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